Juliette Le Monnyer (b. 1993, Figeac, France) is a visual artist and filmmaker based in Brussels, Belgium.

Focusing on vision and its historicity, her work examines what precedes vision when left out of the camera frame, and in turn reveals politics at work on the screen. As she interrogates a plurality of fictional regimes in her video practice, speculative fiction and counter memory are called as resisting narratives to cultural hegemony. In response to the brutality of contemporary politics, Juliette Le Monnyer posits an ecological alternative, a third way rerouting the cinematic temporal and material qualities into an urge for regaining mobility and critical thought.

Having pursued an education both in Cinema, La Sorbonne, and Fine Arts, ERG, KADK, her practice investigates the crossroads between cinema and visual arts. Her work has been recently shown at Bozar, Beursschouwburg, La Centrale, iMAL (BE),  L’ Atelier B (FR), University of the Underground (NL).

︎︎︎ Image, The New Capital